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AnyData Legal

Faster insights, less admin and quicker app building!

The ability to innovate B2B or Enterprise Integrated Analytical Applications (across data, contracts and other information sources) is a defining factor between the winners and losers.

Why AnyData delivers where typical BI tools and integration approaches fail? Because the AnyData Platform is so much more!

A marketplace of award winning legal applications.

Simplify data processing with a Hybrid Integration Platform that connects, integrates and automates hundreds of data sources.

Build rich visual experiences with real-time data with embedded analytics.

Accelerate innovation and build B2B applications.

Go beyond and leverage developer tools and platform extension API’s to accelerate data science projects, innovation and even create new revenue steams.

Solutions Marketplace

A family of Award Winning, ”Ready to Go”, highly customisable and extensible SaaS analytical solutions.

Designed to aggregate large volumes of disparate data sources (enterprise systems & external)

Apply advanced AI / machine-learning algorithms for rigorous, predictive, and continuous analysis; and present actionable insights to solve business challenges like price, financial performance, supply chain risks, inventory and sales optimisation.

Legal hybrid integration platform with no code visual development environment  (VIDE)

Digital transformation requires faster innovation and integration. The AnyData Hybrid Integration platform with AI enabled no code visual development environment  is an integrated set of automated tools for connecting software applications that are deployed in different environments. With its fully integrated visual development environment (VIDE)  organisations can build rich reporting and visual experiences on top of a connected ecosystem to transform their operations, business models, connect value chains and Accelerate digital transformation up to to 10x faster with 7 x less resource.

Leverage & integrate your existing systems, data/ docs sources & people

Embedded Reporting & BI Experience

With the AnyData platform you can now use all your data. Connect, build and deploy real time management reporting internally or accelerate your B2B innovation and embed analytics and front end UI experiences into your exiting products .

Faster integration connecting anything, Anywhere.

Automated Data Solutions.

Automates the data capture & integration process, significantly reducing the time to complete projects

Access our Rapidly expanding 3rdParty API library for data enrichment & advanced benchmarking insights

Free your resources to undertake exciting value add business & change management opportunities


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