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Your Supply Chain / ESG "Traffic Light System". The Platform to integrate, analyse, score & report all your Suppliers, ESG, Risks, Contract & Performance data

A single source of truth, so you focus on better business decisions

Better Decision Making Starts Here…

The Smart Data Hub

The DATA YOU NEED faster than you thought possible.
Blend a trusted single source of the truth of enterprise supplier data to accelerate your business. Multi-domain master data management platform. Option to Push back to Source systems

Intelligent Solutions

The VISIBILITY & ANSWERS YOU NEED faster than you thought possible.
“One Stop Shop” for Supplier Information, Spend, ESG reporting, Contract Management, Advanced Analytics, Performance (Dashboards & Alerts). Integrated Security, AI

Enterprise & B2B Innovation

The INNOVATION YOU NEED faster than you thought possible.
Co-Build new data driven Apps with AnyDATA’s No Code Visual Application Development Platform (inc. forms). Eliminate unnecessary, repetitive, time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks

Delivered in the Cloud, On-Premise, Desktop or Mobile Devices

Intelligent. Solutions. Marketplace

  • Supplier Management (ESG & Risk), Contracts, Spend, Performance & Advanced Analytics Solutions
  • Uniquely integrate Data, Documents & Compliance Information
  • For global enterprises, departments or consultants
  • Business users easily hook into data asking questions immediately
  • Truly democratising citizen data science
  • Import, manage, report, create advanced (continuous) analytics & apply advanced AI / machine-learning algorithms
  • Present actionable insights to solve business challenges
  • No specialist IT knowledge or support needed
  • Securely access from the office or at home

Why we do what we do

  • Our CEO started as a lawyer with Clifford Chance and Allen & Overy, then GC & Head of Compliance managing some of the largest renewable power stations in the world
  • We want to help you make a positive difference to the world, empowering better compliance, governance, efficiencies, stewarding of environmental resources, social inclusivity and fairness: primarily (not exclusively) in relation to the “minefield” of global supply chains
  • Growing ESG regulations, mandate an innovative data/AI Platform to manage the myriad of data related issues as “ESG” regulatory frameworks expand. (ESG is a set of criteria/standards that socially conscious investors, customers, employees and public bodies use to screen potential involvements with organisations.)
  • Think of AnyDATA as your traffic light system for better business decisions. We analyse and track all your supplier data, contracts, questionnaire data and 3rd party API data (leveraging your existing investments) and play it back in smart cloud applications, BI, alerts, and analytics (backward and forward looking)
  • Our clients benefit from enterprise BAU supply chain, sustainability/ESG analytics and reporting (and even one off Due Diligence for M&A)

The Smart Data Hub

  • Create a single version of cleansed data from your multiple internal and external data sources
  • Access our proprietary data connectors, OCR, EDI tools and 3rd Party API library for data enrichment & advanced benchmarking insights
  • Automates the Data, Document and Compliance Information capture & integration processes
  • Significantly reduce the time to complete projects
  • Free your resources to undertake exciting value add business & change management opportunities


World-class Products, Solutions & Services. Platform has Integrated Security, Data Management, Visualisation, Automation, ML, AI and API’s


No-Code App Dev (inc. forms) eliminates unnecessary, repetitive, time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks. Delivers 5x faster


Business users simply and easily hook into data and asking questions immediately. Truly democratising citizen data science. ROI in weeks


World’s Fastest Data to Application Platform


Integrate data/ doc files from all sources


Collaberative insights


Deliver speed at scale, cloud or on-prem

Custom Forms

For internal & B2B user data capture


Cleanse, join, combine and enrich


Use pre-build Apps or custom build

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UK Data Platform Of The Year (Legal Compliance)

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Leading Spend Analytics & Reporting Platform