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Executive Team

As innovators in contract, data and compliance solutions we are working hard to re-invent how data-driven tools are built, deployed and used.

Photo of James Courtis-Pond

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

James Courtis-Pond

James’ mission is to accelerate the delivery of positive change. He is experienced in law, business and technology and has lived and worked in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America.  

James was always fascinated by how the failure to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time creates significant negative drag on enterprise growth, collaboration, team management, compliance and risk.  After their first Software Company listed on AIM, James and Steve continued their collaboration co-founding AnyData Solutions with the singular mission to create intelligent data-driven technologies delivering innovation and digital transformation in an ever changing world. We work with our clients around the world to unlock new value, efficiencies and insights to transform how business users, departments, organisations and their suppliers and customers experiences data-driven excellence.

Under his leadership AnyData has empowered customer success, won several awards and experienced amazing year on year growth.
Photo of Steve Hayward

Founder & Chief Information Officer

Steve Hayward

As a Co-Founder and CIO of AnyData, Steves’ mission is to design and deliver a superior platform from which AnyData and it’s Partners can provide world class Products, Solutions and Services with fully integrated Security, Data Management, Visualisation, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and API’s, requiring fewer resources and delivered within unprecedented timescales.

He has over 27 years experience working as a Senior Technologist, CTO and  CIO. He is an experienced Board Director and is also highly skilled in Operations, Product Design, Systems Architecture, Data Science and Software Engineering.

He started his career as a Senior Software Manager and Engineer, designing and building award winning Asset Management, Insurance, Accounting, Auditing, Supplier and Contract Management Solutions for numerous companies including the Fortune Global 500 and Magic Circle Law Firms, as well as the UK Government, NHS and Ministry of Defence.

Between 2005 and 2013 he was the Systems Architect, CTO and Co-Founder for an AIM listed data company where he invented, designed and developed all of the companies technology and solutions.