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ESG Smart

Accelerate your ESG Sustainability, Reporting & Narrative

A key stand alone and/or integrated Solution in your Procurement Hub: assess and monitor suppliers’ ESG performance to reduce risk exposure and drive improvements. Highest Supplier adoption levels due to intuitive ease of use and clear supplier feedback for improvements

Benefits of ESG Smart

Connect your organisation into a single secure truth for ESG compliance

Turn raw data into a Reports of geographical, sector & supplier ESG risks

Smart supplier questionnaires, APIs and contract analytics to dig deeper

ESG is a risk you cannot ignore

  • Customers, capital markets, employees & regulators demand transparency of your ESG performance
  • Growing demand for Procurement help to achieve goals including: CO2/Greenhouse, Gas/Scope 3 Emissions, Water Consumption, Supplier Diversity, ethical Sourcing
  • Your colleagues, Board, shareholders, financiers, customers demand quality ESG performance & reporting
  • “ESG Smart” empowers Organisations to make better decisions and create value through their ESG strategy, data, and narrative.
Image of AnyData ESG Dashboard - Transform and Enrich
Image of AnyData ESG Dashboard - Transform and Enrich

State-of-the-Art “ESG Smart”

  • Automated, repeatable data integration, management & reporting to support every step of your ESG sustainability management  journey
  • Categorise & visualise material ESG risks (e.g. by goods & services & geography) 
  • Legally blessed intuitive supplier questionnaires with state of the art ESG questions & document/policy upload
  • Apply ESG benchmarks to category spend levels
  • Inbuilt ESG scoring, analytics, dashboards, reports & alerts
  • Empowers communication with suppliers & stakeholders
  • Option to integrate (i) advanced Contract Management to identify ESG clauses & policies (ii) a centralised collaborative ESG actions & management tracker


  • ESG is not solved by scraping the internet for supplier information and packaging it as an ESG Solution
  • Depending on each customer, it involves a blend of (i) foundational supplier base analytics (ii) data you can only get from suppliers directly (diversity, carbon, sustainability, conflict mineral etc.) (iii) reliable 3rd party data sources via API, and (iv) your supplier T&Cs 
  • No more struggling with multiple software applications, poor data quality and manual data manipulation
  • One-off Due Diligence or ongoing ESG management

How does AnyData stack up against the Competition?

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