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ESG Smart

Accelerate your ESG Sustainability, Reporting & Narrative

Connect your organisation to a single source of ESG data

Benefits of ESG Smart

Connect your organisation into a single secure truth for ESG compliance

Turn raw data into a smart Heat Map of geographical and sector ESG risks.

Smart contract analytics, supplier questionnaires and APIs to dig deeper.

Is ESG your biggest business risk in 2021?

Customers, regulatory bodies, employees, and capital markets are increasingly seeking transparency of your performance in managing ESG issues across your Organisation.
Failure to comply may lead to temporary suspension of your business, bans from operating in certain markets, and significant fines.
The right thing to do (and your only legal defence) is to demonstrate that you acted with due care and took all reasonable preventative measures. ESG Smart is the foundation for your compliance.
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software

State-of-the-Art ERG Solutions

Support every step of your ESG sustainability management  journey with ESG Smart – your dynamic data integration, management and reporting platform.

Our mission is to empower Organisations to make better decisions and create value through their ESG strategy, data, and narrative.

Automate and streamline data collection and integration (single or multiple internal and external sources). Categorise and visualise the inherent ESG geographic and sector risks. Use contract analysis, supplier questionnaires and APIs to query any analyse more complex risks. In-built automated reporting empowers communication with internal and external stakeholders.

How does AnyData stack up against the Competition?

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Graphic of Spend Matters SolutionMap Q4 Graphics SpendAnalytics

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The foundation of all AnyData’s integrated Products, Solutions and Services, including AnyData GDPR / Compliance Solution  is the uniquely powerful KWIQVIS Platform.