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Simple. Beautiful. Collaborative.

Quickly see, understand and share your Data.

Benefits of using AnyData Analytics Solution

Beautiful Visualisations in minutes

Quickly cleanse & blend Data

Unleash the Value

Build Beautiful Visualisations on Any Data in minutes

  • Simple to use and learn for business and power users

  • APIs, global filters & public links (e.g Google Search, Experian)

  • Customisable themes and branding

Image of a computer showing AnyData Analytics Software
AnyData Analytics Dashboard image

Cleanse & Blend Data from Internal & External Sources

  • Simple data connection wizards & relationship discovery

  • Unify data in silos without coding or scripting

  • Live interactive dashboards from multiple sources

Unleash the value

  • Drive, inspire and share rapid decisions across your organisation

  • Embed analytics into your software, app or website 

  • Ironclad Secure Access from Anywhere, 24/7 from Any Device

Image of a computer showing AnyData Analytics Software
Image of Analytics Dashboards

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The foundation of all AnyData’s integrated Products, Solutions and Services, including AnyData GDPR / Compliance Solution  is the uniquely powerful KWIQVIS Platform.