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KwiqVis® BI Dashboards

Simple. Beautiful. Collaborative.

Quickly see, understand and share your Data.

Benefits of using KwiqVis® BI Dashboards

Business Leader

Share the great work that your team is doing and leverage analytic assets created across departments. Unite in the language of solving.


Provide a safe and secure environment for your organization to create, consume, and share analytics.


Focus on answering tougher questions by automating mundane tasks, and schedule weekly reports hands free.

Build Beautiful Visualisations on Any Data in minutes

  • A modern BI platform helps business leaders and practitioners to build a business driven by data, improve internal data utilization, and grow external data value.
  • Simple to use and learn for business and power users

  • APIs, global filters & public links (e.g Google Search, Experian)

  • Customisable themes and branding

  • Or use our Smart Data Management Hub for the data cleansing , enrichment or classification and plug your Power Pi, Qlikview or Tableau on top !
Image of a computer showing AnyData Analytics Software
AnyData Analytics Dashboard image

Cleanse & Blend Data from Internal & External Sources

  • Simple data connection wizards & relationship discovery

  • Unify data in silos without coding or scripting

  • Live interactive dashboards from multiple sources

Unleash the value

  • Drive, inspire and share rapid decisions across your organisation

  • Embed analytics into your software, app or website 

  • Ironclad Secure Access from Anywhere, 24/7 from Any Device

Image of a computer showing AnyData Analytics Software
Image of Analytics Dashboards

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The foundation of all AnyData’s integrated Products, Solutions and Services, including AnyData GDPR / Compliance Solution  is the uniquely powerful KWIQVIS Platform.