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Pipeline Management Tracker

Collaborative. Data-driven. Savings.

Strategic and Tactical Procurement success needs an integrated collaborative portal to Create, Add, Amend Procurement Activities, Opportunities and Projects. Procurement functions gain a higher profile with other Departments (especially Finance), and Senior Management gains greater visibility into Projects, Savings Plans, Resource Demands and Capacity.

Benefits of Pipeline Management Tracker


A central version of the truth across the whole team. Create project, activity, contract and tasks with an interactive UI that makes it a cakewalk.


Bringing the business, stakeholders, finance and procurement team into a single platform delivers significant cross-departmental synergy and global visibility.

Minimal Internal Resource

Your Vendor Management Solution, processes and data are ready to go days. There’s no need to design, build, and maintain BI infrastructure.


  • Build and plan your pipeline of Supplier sourcing, contract and ESG activities
  • Prioritise opportunities based on live data
  • Assign tasks to others in your team or external consultants
  • Ensure all your goals are listed, tracked and achieved
  • Plan, buy, control, manage better
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software


  • Track estimated, negotiated, and delivered spend savings, ESG activities, contract renewals etc. for each initiative
  • Track progress on all team members and their/ team initiatives and activities, and savings pipeline in a single view
  • Use our standard dashboards to report on key metrics or create your own with a few clicks customised to your organisation and reporting templates


  • Open collaboration for all or utilise built in advanced security permissions to crate user groups for different roles
  • Create live dashboards for senior management, other departments and promote successes to stakeholders and colleagues
  • Not just your data and contracts and compliance information centralised, but also the activities you are undertaking as a team to implement the value derived from that data and insight
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software

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