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Data Extraction Tools

Automated. Targeted. IT Friendly.

Rapid & Flexible Data Extraction, Scheduling and Process Automation

Benefits of using Any Data Extraction Tools

Domain Expertise

Proprietary ETL Tools built by experts with deep domain knowledge


We put into your hands the ability to automate ETL

Unleash the Value

Unparalleled speed to value, insights, better decisons and collaboration

  • Our proprietary ETL Tools have extracted, automated and processed data from hundreds of Databases and ERP Systems
  • inc. SQL Server, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, Maximo, MS Dynamics and more…

Domain Experience
  • Our proprietary ETL Tools are built by experts with deep domain knowledge of data, where it is located, what is in it, how to extract it, how to assess it (in a report) and thereby to provide you with an understanding of what is in it and its potential
  • Plus options regarding how to use it, how to improve its quality, how it can be integrated with other data sources (internal or external) and how it can be visualised to your advantage

Images showing data and contracts being migrated into a dashboard using AnyData software

  • Package and Automate your ETL
  • Target the exact Tables and Fields
  • Schedule your data extractions

Unleash the Value
  • More cost effective, quicker, greater data accuracy, improved data quality feedback loop, and better reporting and BI
  • Uniquely powerful integrated data quality reports enabling users to instantly review and audit the quality of your data
  • Optional integrated “Bolt-On” BI Apps enabling users to quickly gain value and insight from their data

Diagram showing computer with many contract icons

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