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The AnyData Platform


The Platform Built for the Future

We built The AnyData no code visual application development platform ourselves to bring market leading speed, machine learning and AI to the visual application development process.

 Enabling our customers and Partners to create structured, unstructured data and analytical enterprise and B2B solutions that are easily deployable, scalable, and highly customizable.

Self-service or managed changes and platform extensions take only minutes, and you can move from ideas to new applications in days, not months.

Diagram showing how AnyData's KWIQVIS Platform turns raw data into applications
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Placing innovation at the heart of your Enterprise & B2B development process

We built KWIQVIS ourselves to provide data and contract management solutions that are easily deployable, scalable, and customizable for data of any type. Self-service or managed changes take only minutes, and you can move from ideas to new applications in days, not months.

The design thinking that underlies KWIQVIS empowers flexibility, change, extensibility, and integration.

Custom Enterprise Solutions. Now.

Because the platform is organic and dynamic (not confined by traditional database structures), it allows for the building of data-driven solutions without any coding or scripting. Structured data (databases, spreadsheets, etc.) can be seamlessly combined with packages of unstructured data (e.g., contract information) and applied on top of Kwiqvis’s visual, end-to-end framework to meet your visualization, analytics, compliance, and data-reporting needs.

Using this visual approach, we can literally sit next to our customers and build enterprise solutions ready for deployment in front of their eyes. Speed to value and cost-effectiveness are greatly increased.

KWIQVIS’s features include:


capability of handling any number of users, any level of complexity, or any volume of data


business object driven, with integrated role-based security


automated code, UI, and database schema generation


easy integration with API libraries


all the benefits of cloud and desktop solutions


easy configuration of dashboards, queries, exportability, document capture, etc.


dashboards displaying real-time information, with drill-down capabilities and drag-and-drop


usability on any type of device

We believe that all companies will eventually seek to use data and contracts to identify beneficial business solutions and opportunities, and that’s why we designed KWIQVIS to be so flexible, scalable, and configurable. Because it can be used for any type of data or contract solution, it is ready to meet the increased demand from across all industries.

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