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Data Forensics

Reduce Risk. Improve Cash Flow. Reduce Costs

AnyData™ Solutions Data Forensics Solution represents a comprehensive suite of data mining services designed to detect a multitude of procurement and disbursement inconsistencies that may exist in your organisation.

Benefits of using Forensics

Improve Financial Performance

Failure to follow business rules governing financial transactions, or even fraud, results in significant business losses an non compliance. The prevention of duplicate payments is one of several simple ways to assist the business in reducing these lost profits.

Lower Compliance Costs

Automated duplicate Invoice detection solutions can reduce the cost of audits by eliminating most of the human resource sampling and minimise the time it takes to gather documentation.

Improve Financial Governance

Increase the reliability of your transactional controls, auditor trust and increase the effectiveness of antifraud controls. This also cultivates beneficial risk- management behaviours, and generates increased trust in compliance processes throughout the company.

Duplicate Payment Detection

While most duplicate payment identification plans employ 3 or 4 patterns, AnyData™ Solutions Data Forensics uses a more comprehensive set of 10 intelligent algorithms and applies duplicate vendor logic to capture the absolute maximum number of duplicate invoices.

Data Forensics Modules

  • Erroneous Overpayment Detection and Recovery
  • Rounded Amount Invoices
  • Suppliers Consistently Paid Quickly
  • Sequentially Numbered Invoices
  • Invoices Just Below Approval Amounts
  • Suppliers with a rapid invoice volume increase
  • Suppliers with a high variance of invoices per month
  • Payments data on a weekend
  • Above average payments per vendor
  • Duplicate supplier detection
  • Supplier / Employee comparison
  • Employee earnings analysis
  • and more…

How does AnyData stack up against the Competition?

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