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Contract Management & Advanced Analytics

Centralise. Optimise. Alert

A smart central repository for all your hundreds or thousands of contacts. Complete visibility of both documents and contract meta data. Real-time insight into the key terms, parties, contract owners, compliance risks as well as notification alerts of key contract dates, complex payment provisions & other obligations. KPIs, contract summaries & the most advanced slice and dice contract analytics on the market

Benefits of AnyData Contract Management


Centralise all your contracts & documents. Manage and reduce your exposure to risk with one source of truth and complete visibility into your contracts and meta data. Collaborate cross Departmentally


Stop haemorrhaging your contracts value by failure of timely access to T&Cs (e.g. when purchases made, goods delivered, payments due, notice dates triggered, or compliance terms breached).

Unleash the Value

Measure and manage with alerts, notifications, dashboards, analytics, scheduled reports, integration with other Applications or data sources. Increase visibility of spend under contract.

Proven Implementation Accelerators

  • Seamlessly migrate Contracts & Data from legacy system(s)
  • Managed (or Self-Service) contract & document upload
  • Automated OCR & text extraction
  • Managed (or Self-Service) contract key meta data field identification
  • Enrich insights blending additional data sources (financial, risk etc.)
  • Secure cloud based access from the office or home
Image of a computer with icons representing combining data in one visualisation
Image of a computer with icons representing contracts and data software

See everything, instantly

  • Repository and dashboards have super-fast search, intuitive visual querying & customisable views

  • Create scheduled reports
  • In built security permissions for “users” & “roles” 

  • Accessible from any device and secure collaboration

Unleash the Value

  • Automated pre-built dashboards maximise visibilty, compliance management & reporting 
  • Automated alerts maximise obligation management, leverage, prevent unwanted contract extensions & alert your team when action is needed
  • Link associated contracts (e.g. Master Agreements & SOWs)
  • Track, report & maximise your compliance position (e.g. DPA, IFRS16, Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery, ESG)
  • Track who in your business manages which contractual relationships
Image of a computer with icons representing combining data in one visualisation
Photo of someone signing a document

Using the Contract Management Maturity Model to reduce risks in your business


The foundation of all AnyData’s integrated Products, Solutions and Services, including Contract Management, is the uniquely powerful AnyDataHub.