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Vendor Management Solution

Complete. Control. Collaboration.

Centralise your supplier spend data, analytics, contracts, and supplier compliance information faster than you ever thought possible. Quickly take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to suppliers, ensuring excellent service deliverability and deriving value from suppliers in the long-run.

Benefits of Cloud Supplier Management

Procurement. Contract Managers. Compliance. Finance. Legal

A single version of the truth. No competing spread sheets or un-cleansed data. Empower visibility, efficiency and cost savings to your organisation.

Unleash the Value

Zero to hero faster than you thought possible. Leverage your existing spend data, supplier contracts and other information, and collaborate valuable supplier information to those who need it when they need it.

Minimal Internal Resource

Your Vendor Management Solution, processes and data are integrated in days. No need to design, build, and maintain BI infrastructure.

Visualise your complete supplier base in hours

  • Full visibility of every supplier in your supply chain
  • What you buy for them, for what price, how often
  • Drill down and through to detail like Invoice and PO
  • Cost control
  • Advanced Savings insights automatically “on a plate”
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software

Access all supplier contracts, advanced analytics & alerting

  • Repository of all supplier contracts
  • In built OCR capabilities
  • Email alerts for contract rollover/termination dates
  • Track compliance e.g Modern Slavery, DPA, Covid Policy
  • Advanced analytical insights automated “on a plate”

Integrated Intuitive On-Boarding Compliance Portal

  • Onboard all historic existing quickly
  • Onboard new suppliers easily
  • Update information on demand if regulations change
  • Compliance nirvana, risk reduction and brand protection
  • Holistic Integrated dashboards of all  your suppliers, what you spend, your key contract information and compliance reporting
Image of a computer showing AnyData's Spend Analytics Software

How does AnyData stack up against the Competition?

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Graphic of Spend Matters SolutionMap Q4 Graphics SpendAnalytics

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The foundation of all AnyData’s integrated Products, Solutions and Services, including AnyData GDPR / Compliance Solution  is the uniquely powerful KWIQVIS Platform.