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AnyDATA Contract Management Application Features List

Data Entry Tabs / Fields & Contract Documents

(The following is a full list of the options you have as standard)

Contract Header

  • System generated contract unique identifier (ID)
  • Associated Contract (associate a contract to multiple other contracts)
  • Contract Name
  • Classification
  • Country
  • Office
  • Cost Centre
  • Comments

Document(s) & Attachments

  • Store all your precedent contracts
  • Upload contact document in any file format including Word, excel, pdf, image
  • Upload additional contract documents against the same contract record
  • Extract text from scanned image documents using Web OCR
  • Save URL Links to internal/external systems and/or repositories
  • Contract Type (Flat or Hierarchical)
  • Search and tag contract records to other contracts

Parties & Contacts

  • Their Entity
  • Our Entity
  • Additional Parties
    • Theirs
    • Ours
  • Team Members
    • Theirs
    • Ours

Dates and Notifications

  • Term Type
  • Starting Date
  • Effective Date (and associated prior warning date plus email alert)
  • Notice Date (and associated prior warning date plus email alert)
  • End / Termination Date (and associated prior warning date plus email alert)
  • Additional Dates
  • Annual Review Alert


  • Contract Currency
  • Document Annual Value Status
  • Reporting Annual Value Status
  • Payment Terms (period)
  • Payment Schedule (arrears or advance)
  • Payment Terms (notes)


  • Create Your tailored hierarchy of contract provisions to track (maximum of 10), for example;
    • FCPA
    • Bribery Act
    • Modern Slavery Act
    • Data Protection Act
    • Consequential loss
    • Indemnities
    • Reps & Warranties
    • Penalties
    • Using your T&Cs
    • Using 3rdParty T&Cs

Contract Document Search

  • Open up your contract documents in your default application enabling free text search of each contract document

Contract Archive List & Reporting

  • View, add, edit, delete all contract documents & contract data
  • Column filtering, full text search, highlighted search
  • Add, remove, reposition, group columns
  • View variance
  • Export as a report to csv, excel, image, pdf, html
  • Advanced query builder

Dashboard Reporting

  • Strategic Overview Dashboard
  • Notice & Termination Dashboard
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Team Overview Dashboard
  • Export dashboards/dashboard items to csv, excel, image, pdf.

Email Alert & Notifications

  • Ability to send email alerts and notify team members in advance of key dates including effective start date, renewal notice dates and termination dates.


  • Secure HTTPS connection
  • Integrated User, Role and Object Permissions
  • Option for IP security (access to the application from the internal IP addresses only)
  • Audit Trial

Ticket Logging

  • Users logging of support tickets on-line 24 x7 from our online support page