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OCR & Document Repository

Contract and Data Services

Our Data Solutions empower you to glean powerful BI from any type of data (large and disperate sources of structured and unstructured data and documents). Services can be one-off projects or integrated into a comprehensive, repeatable solution

We help organisations to:


and blend Data/ Docs from existing databases and systems


Data/ Docs into easily consumable information

Filter & Search

Data/ Docs to focus on specific information—fast


Self Service, Managed Services & Data extraction


Data/ Docs automatically based on categories & rules you choose


Quickly and easily set up automatic geo-tagging


Data/ Docs by blending with additional & external sources


Beautiful visualization dashboards and reports

Examples of how we have empowered customer success

Our proprietary data connectors (ETL) have extracted, automated and processed hundreds of data sources.

Our proprietary Machine Learning and AI enabled engines have tagged, clasified and categorised billions of transactions

Images showing data and contracts being migrated into a dashboard using AnyData software

Seamlessly migrate contract documents and data from legacy systems, spreadsheets, or PDFs

Seamlessly migrate, centralise and analyse inovices 

Diagram showing computer with many contract icons
Image showing documents being read using OCR

Implement optical character recognition (OCR) to make images of documents searchable

Self-service or managed data input into our contract management or invoice applications

Image showing data being input into forms using AnyData software

Enriched contract and data solutions with a growing API library, developer API’s and data science extensions

Self-serviced or managed data services to build dashboards, reports, and analytics beyond the standard set—including dashboards on top of clients’ or partners’ existing contract management solutions

Image showing data being turned into beautiful dashboards
Photo of the AnyData team winning Supplier of the Year at the 2017 British Technology Awards

The Latest from AnyData

AnyData Solutions is honoured as top tech supplier to large legal enterprises by the British Legal Technology Awards

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